At East Chain, we hand pick companies that are leveraging blockchain technology to transform legacy industries. The blockchain space is still maturing, so we’re focusing on the companies that we believe are laying the groundwork for the future digital economy.



Republic is democratizing private investing by giving retail investors access to private markets through tokenized investments and settling transactions on the blockchain.

Dapper Labs are pioneering consumer-focused decentralized apps and building their enabling infrastructure (e.g., dApp store, friction-less payment platform, etc.).

AMUN is the world’s first publicly listed crypto index for institutional investors, making investing in crypto as easy as buying stock. 

Brain Trust is a decentralized marketplace for freelancers, giving access to top-tier talent in the software engineering industry.

Liquefy is a platform that enables the digitization of assets such as private companies, public shares, funds, real estate and any other assets using blockchain technology.